Creators of Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride
and more best selling games!

About Capptive Arts

Founded in 2001, Capptive Arts has been on the forefront of the Australian game development industry for many years.

From humble beginnings developing licensed titles for platforms such as GBA, DS and PSP, we have expanded our portfolio with a range of hugely successful, independently released games on multiple platforms.

With the success of Fruit Ninja on iPhone and iPad, Capptive Arts has catapulted to become one of the most well known indie developers in the world, proving that a little dev down under has the world class skills needed to make a big splash on the global market.

It’s a long story – a boring story for some, a riveting story for others. Either way, know that Capptive Arts is here to stay with its fun, unique and innovative titles on a broad range of platforms. Check out our games page for the full range, and keep up to date with the latest news at the Capptive Arts blog!

Key Staff

Shainiel Deo

Chief Executive Officer

Shainiel is the only original Capptive Arts founder still standing. He didn’t kill the others, merely proved his superior skills with a disco throwdown.

When he isn’t jet-setting around the world speaking with other executives of the video game world and making Capptive Arts the way it is today, he can be found playing Fight Night or barefoot fishing. He’s just that kind of stand-up guy.

Phil Larsen

Chief Marketing Officer

Phil’s nerd cred gave him an extensive knowledge of video games, and the ability to discern why some video games kick ass while others suck.

It’s this expertise that helps him position and promote Capptive Arts games to be the best they can possibly be in this wild west world of indie game development. He’s pretty damn good at it. He also likes Justin Bieber.

Ben Vale

Executive Producer

When not found at the local German Club consuming large quantities of roast pork and Erdinger beer, Ben is leading his team creating some truly innovative titles by branching out on a variety of different platforms.

The vision behind Raskulls on XBLA and some of the larger scope projects at Capptive Arts , Ben has the focus and drive worthy of a dude who has lots and lots of focus and drive.

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